Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternative.

Click on the options to check whether it is right or wrong.


     Everyone constantly face challenges at home with our spouse, children and other family members, at work with our peers and bosses. Sometimes life itself becomes a challenge because it throws up so many relationships based and situational challenges.

     But the biggest challenge of them all is one’s mind. Often, it is possible to control everything else but one’s mind. Being master of the mind is no less than mastery of the world. The Bhagwad Gita says, ‘Our mind is our best friend and our worst enemy. If we know how to manage our mind, we can manage our time, our relationships, our life, everything.

     This is where spirituality comes in. It is the path to a mentally decluttered, value-based life. Spirituality teaches us to control our thoughts, emotions and desires. It is actually the science of managing one’s mind.

     Once we start to have control over our actions we may also find the law of attraction coming into play. In explicable events occur and we find things falling in place for us. They seem to be co-incidence, but that’s the law of attractions working for you. You attract what you think. When you think positive, you get positive results.


1. The central idea of the passage is

  1. the importance of managing external challenges
  2. the need to understand the law of attraction
  3. the value of spirituality in life
  4. the importance of gaining control over one’s mind


2. “It is possible to control everything else but one’s mind”.....means

  1. It is possible to control one’s mind more than anything else.
  2. It is possible to control everything else except one’ mind.
  3. Everything else is achievable if one controls one’s mind.
  4. Everything else is useless unless one controls one’s mind.


3. The word ‘decluttered’ in paragraph 3 means

  1. to accumulate unnecessary things
  2.  to remove unnecessary things
  3. to clarify things
  4. to hoard things


4. What ‘seems to be coincidence’?

  1. Events happening all around us.
  2. Events becoming inexplicable.
  3. Events falling short of our expectations.
  4. Events happening according to our wishes.


5. How does the law of attraction work in life?

  1. We start feeling positive
  2.  We make inexplicable things happen
  3. We attract the things we desire
  4. We find things falling part


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