Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternative.

Click on the options to check whether it is right or wrong.


     Some people seem to think that sports and games are unimportant things that people do, at times when they are not working, instead of going to the cinema listening to the radio, or sleeping. But in actual fact, sports and games can be of great value, especially to people who work with their brains most of the day, and should not be treated only as amusements.

     Sports and games make our bodies strong, prevent us from getting too fat, and keep us healthy. But these are not their only uses. They give us valuable practice in making eyes, brain and muscles work together. In tennis, our eyes see the ball coming, judge its speed and direction and pass this information on to the brain. The brain then has to decide what to do and so on, so that the ball is met and hit back where it ought to go. All this must happen with very great speed, and only those who have had a lot of practice at tennis can carry out this complicated chain of events successfully. For those who work with brains most of the day, the practice of such skills is especially useful.


1. The author thinks that

  1. sports and games are unimportant
  2. sports and games are important
  3. going to the cinema is important
  4. sleeping is important


2. Sports and games are important especially to people who work with their

  1. brains
  2. hands
  3. heart
  4. body


3. Sports make

  1. hands and legs work together
  2. the members of a team work together
  3. the players and the spectators come together
  4. eyes, brain and muscles work together


4. The game cited by the author is

  1. Football
  2. Tennis
  3. Cricket
  4. Hockey


5. In tennis, what is to be done is decided by

  1. The umpire’s action
  2. The audience reaction
  3. The player’s brain
  4. The player’s heart


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