Idioms and phrases starting from A with their meanings.

Idioms and Phrase


A bed or roses

An easy or comfortable situation

A bad egg

A worthless

A big cheese

An important or powerful person

A gentleman at large

An unreliable person

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

A dangerous person pretending harmless

Alpha and omega

First and last letter of Greek alphabet, means-beginning and end

At sixes and seven

Disorder or having different opinion

A litmus test

A method which clearly proves something

A pretty penny

Very expensive

Above board

Things done in legal and proper manner

Act of God

Happenings which human beings can not control

Add fuel to the fire

Making bad situation worse

Against the clock

You have very little time to do it

Age before beauty

Allowing older person to do something first

All eyes on me

Everyone is paying attention to me

At the heels of

To follow someone

Appear out of now here

To appear suddenly without warning.

Asleep at the switch

Not to be alert on opportunity

A red letter day

An important day

All in your head

Something imagined and it is not real.


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