Idioms and phrases starting from B with their meanings.

Idioms and Phrase


Bend your ears

To talk to someone for a very long time about something boring

Blue blood

Belonging to high social class

Black and white

In writing

Blow hot and cold

Having no stand, showing favour at one time and unfavour at mother

Be tailor made

To be completely suitable for someone

Body and soul


By hook or by crook

By any means

Black and blue

To beat mercilessly

Break the ice

To make more comfort or relaxed with a person whom you have not met earlier, to break the silence

Beat the drum

To speak eagerly about something you support

Back the wrong horse

To support someone weak

Be in seventh heaven

Extremely happy

Bag of nerves

Very worried or nervous

Be on the edge

To be nervous or worried about something

Ball is in your court

Your turn to do something

Bare your heart

Tell someone your personal and private feelings

Barefaced liar

Someone who displays no shame about lying even if they are exposed

Barrel of laughs

They are always joking and you find them funny

Battle of nerves

A battle of nerves is a situation where neither side in a conflict or dispute is willing to back down and is waiting for the other side to weaken

Behind closed doors

Done in secret


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