Idioms and phrases starting from D with their meanings.

Idioms and phrases


Dead air

Period of total silence

Dead duck


Dragging its feet

Delaying in decision, not showing enthusiasm

Drive a wedge between

To break relationship between the two

Donkey work

Hard, boring work or task

Dead and buried

All long been settled and is not going to be reconsidered

Dark horse


Devil may care

Willing to take more risks than others generally do

Dig your heels in

Start to resist something

Dirty dog

Untrustworthy person

Dish the dirt

Making unpleasant or shocking information public

Do the needful

Do what is necessary

Dog eat dog

Intense competition


Depressed or not making progress

Don't push my buttons!

To stop someone who is annoying you

Donkey's years

Very long time

Dress to kill

Dressed very nicely or smartly

Dry run

Rehearsal or trial

Duck soup

Very easy

Double-edged sword

Doing something which can help as well as harm.


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