Idioms and phrases starting from E with their meanings.

Idioms and Phrases


Eye for an eye

Revenge, punishment is equal to crime

Eat crow

Admit that you were wrong about something

Even Stevens

Everything is equal

Easier said than done

Easy to say but hard to do

Eye candy

Very attractive

Eat someone alive

Beat someone completely

Eleventh hour decision

Decision that is made at the lase moment

Every dog has its day

Everyone has their moment

End in smoke

To get no result

Egg on your face

Made to look foolish or embarrassed

Eager beaver

Being extremely keen

Explore all avenues

Try everything

Earn a living

To make money

Even keel


Easy as pie

Very easy

Eat your words

Accepting that you were wrong about you said

Easy peasy

Vary easy

Eat like a horse

Eat very much

Eat like a bird

Eat very little

Eat like a pig

Eat too much


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