Idioms and phrases starting from F with their meanings.

Idioms and Phrases


Firing on all cylinders

Trying every possible way to succeed

Fat head

Dull stupid person

Fair and square


Flat out

Work hard and fast as possible

Feel blue

Feel sad

Fifth wheel

Something unnecessary or useless

Follow your nose

Go straight ahead

Feathers fly

Fighting angrily

Fingers crossed

Hoping for good luck

Feel free

Having no problem

Fall on your own sword

To be cheated by someone you trust



Fat cat

A person who has a lot of money and has a good position in society

Far and wide


Fast and furious

Very quickly

Face like thunder

Being very angry or upset about something

For a song

Very cheap

Face the music

Accept the punishment

Fit for a king

Highest quality standard

Fall on our feet

To get success in doing something risky


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