Idioms and phrases starting from G with their meanings.

Idioms and Phrases


Get off the hook

Free from all obligations

Give it to me straight

Used when you want to hear truth

Game plan


Give me a hand

Help me

Get on one's nerves

Used when someone or something is bothering you

Go nuts

Go crazy, very excited

Get foot in the door

Taking first step in the long process or entry level position

Go spare

Loosing temper completely

Got the slap on the wrist

Got light punishment

Give somebody a hard time

Making someone feel bad or make someone do mistake

Great guns

Doing very well

Go with the flow

Do things like other people are doing it

Go under the hammer

Selling it in auction

Go for it

To encourage someone to do something

Go Dutch

Each person is paying for themselves

Get a raw deal

Treated unequally

Good for nothing

To say that someone of something has no value or not useful for anything

Give someone a hand

Helping someone

Go bananas

Being with excitement, anxiety or worry

Grab a bite

To get something to eat


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