Idioms and phrases starting from I with their meanings.

Idioms and Phrases


In droves

A lot of happening at the same time.

It's written all over your face

To tell someone that his facial expression has some message

I am sick of it

I am tired of it

Icing on the cake

Something good happens in already good situation

Ins and outs

Full detail

It serves you right

Used to say that you got what you deserved

Ill at ease

Being worried or uncomfortable

I'm beat

I am tired

In a fix

In a trouble

I am hosed

I am out of luck, I am screwed

In a nutshell

Used to show a concise summary

I can eat a horse

Feeling very hungry

In a pickle

In trouble or in problem

I beg to differ

Polite way of disagreeing

I don’t buy it

Don’t agree

In cold blood

Without any emotion

I messed up

I made a mistake

In my book

In my opinion

In your dreams

To say someone that they will not get what they want

It’s up to you

You are the one to make the decision


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