Idioms and phrases starting from K with their meanings.

Idioms and Phrases


Keep me in the loop

To keep me informed, to keep in touch

Know the ropes

Someone who knows the system of has knowledge about it

Kick up a row

Create disturbance, start a fight

Keep your eye on the prize

Keep focusing

Knock on wood

To wish good luck

Keep an eye on

To supervise, To take care of, To watch after,

Keep mum

Don’t tell anyone, keep mum

Keep your hair on

Keep calm

Kith and kin

Blood relatives

Keep your head

Keep calm

keep under one's hat

Keep it secret

Kick the bucket

To die

Know something inside out

knowing every detail of something

Kick a habit

Stop doing it

Keep your cool

To act normal

Kid gloves

Given special treatment of given great care

Keen as mustard

Very enthusiastic

Kiss and tell

Disclose private or confidential information

Keep your chin up

It is used to tell someone to have confidence

Knit your brows

Look worried


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