Idioms and phrases starting from O with their meanings.

Idioms and Phrases


On a roll

Getting success

On the flip side

On the other side or reverse side

On good terms

Having good relationship

Over one's head

Mentally too difficult to understand

On your last legs

Close to die

Open and above board

Very clear, transparent

Off the scale

Above normal standard

Out of the blue

Spontaneously, out of no where

On its last legs

In a bad condition or it will not last long

Odds and ends


Once in a blue moon


Over the moon

Very happy

On the dot

The exact time

On pins and needles

Very worried about something

Out of gear

In disorder

Old hat

Out dated or old fashioned

Out of the world


On the hook

Responsible for something

Over and above


Old flames die hard

Very difficult to forget old things


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