Idioms and phrases starting from P with their meanings.

Idioms and Phrases


Paper over the cracks

Trying to hide something

Pink slip

A notice of dismissal from employment

Play it by ear

Proceed according to results and circumstances rather than according to rules or a plan

Pass muster


Pick someone to pieces

To criticize sharply

Paper tiger

Someone or something looking powerful but actually weak

Pain in the ass

Something bothers very much

Pull a rabbit out of your hat

Do something unexpected

Pie in the sky

Good to imagine but impossible to do

Pieces of the same cake

Having same characteristic or quality

Piece of cake

Very easy to do something

Play with fire

Taking foolish risks

Part and parcel

Being an important part of

Poker face

Not showing any emotion on face

Piping hot

Very hot

Pull someone's leg

tease someone, make fun of, deceive someone playfully

Pipe dream

Unrealistic idea

Pros and cons

Merits and demerits

Plain Jane


Pins and needles

Very small items


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