Idioms and phrases starting from W with their meanings.

Idioms and Phrases


Waste of skin

Not worthy

Watch grass grow

Very boring



Warts and all

Liking someone with all their faults

What a small world

Used when two people know someone by chance

Weight one’s word

Be careful on what one says

Walking on broken glass

Used when a person is punished for something

Wet behind the ears

Very young or inexperienced

What's Eating You?

To ask what is bothering you

Whale of a time

Enjoying your self


Used to say that you don’t believe other person, disagree

Work your fingers to the bone

Working extremely hard on something

Weal and woe

Good time and bad time

War of words

Bitter argument

Watching paint dry

Very boring

Why and wherefore

The basic reason

Water over the dam

Something happened that cannot be changed

Willy Nilly

Wish or not wish, like or not like


Drunk heavily

Wet blanket

Used for someone who tries to spoil other people’s fun


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