AAI ATC previous year question paper

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AAI ATC previous year question paper

Postby Sanjay » Mon Jan 25, 2016 1:29 pm

Please give me AAI ATC previous year question paper.
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Re: AAI ATC previous year question paper

Postby PrepareBetter.in » Mon Jan 25, 2016 4:31 pm

Airport Authority of India doesn't allow students to take the question paper with them so you will not be able to find full question paper. But I am going to give you some memory based questions which were given by the students who appeared in the exam.

These questions are of the online exam which was conducted on 26-12-2015 in two shifts. Notification no 03/2015.

These questions are not exact questions because it is memory based but you can be sure that these questions were asked in the exam.

Afternoon shift Questions/Topics

Technical Section

  1. A magnetic material is put into magnetic field for some time and then removed. What will be the form of that material after removing from magnetic field?
    A)Diamagnetic B)Paramagnetic C)Ferromagnetic D)Non-Magnetic

  2. Find Energy of photon when wavelength given 5890 angstrom.

  3. Two springs (spring constant ) connected parallely to block of mass m. Then what is time period

  4. London equation is

  5. Bernoullis theorem is based on

  6. A question related to Doppler effect.

  7. A question related to transverse n longitudinal waves numerical.

  8. Magnetic field given 0.5 wb/m2.radius of circular loop given 5 cm.find current.

  9. Which is not a Maxwell equation

  10. Net inductance of two equal inductances L connected in series opposition

  11. Some question related to electric field at center of uniformly charged hemisphere(Student don't remember the question exact)
  12. Colors observed of a light incident on thin film is due to

  13. Two parallel beam of electrons will repel or attract.

  14. A wave normal incident on something.dark bands observed when distance is(n plus half lambda or)

  15. A question related to finding temperature when something falls from this to this height(specific heat given)
    (Find temperature of a water drop which falls from cloud on earth during rain)

  16. Zeroth law of thermodynamics introduces concept of

  17. Curie Weiss law is

  18. B at the axis of a circular ring is given by

  19. A 50 uf capacitor charged to 3000V. enery store in 2 ms is

  20. Torque experience by dipole of moment m placed in uniform field B

  21. Which of the following is vector quantity Ans- torque

  22. When light passes through a thin film nd produces colours, which phenomenon is observed

General Awareness

  1. Washington accord related to ?

  2. Second world war started Germany invaded on

  3. Who won fide rapid world chess champion ship?

  4. Which line passes through India?

Morning Shift Questions/Topics

Technical Section

  1. Clausius Mossotti equation

  2. Debye equation for Cv of solid

  3. Water Droplets surface tension

  4. Displacement graph. (A train speeding, then constant, then retarding)

  5. Earthquake wave distance

  6. Fringe Displacement. (2 fringes down)

  7. Fringe angular width

  8. Force on magnetic loop

  9. 6 degree of freedom for rigid body

  10. If G reduces what of satellite will be constant?

  11. Escape Velocity?

  12. Entropy 2nd law of TD

  13. Millikan's oil drop experiment

  14. Bernoulli's Theorem for Static Pressure

  15. Why does water in lakes not freeze? (4 degree anomalous)

  16. Clausius Clapeyron equation

  17. Levitation of magnet

  18. Gauss electric field 1/r

  19. Ampere circuital law

  20. 1/(1+exp(hw/t) ) some plancks constant etc

  21. Singular Matrix

  22. Rank of matrix

  23. Hyperbola

  24. Ellipse

  25. Partial integration

  26. Differential equation

  27. cosz/z residue

  28. Set question which is necessary and sufficient to say B is A subset

  29. Value of K for which system of equation have no solution?

  30. dx/X(1+X) where X= x^0.5

  31. Beat intensity

  32. Engine's efficiency formula for carnot engine?

General Awareness

  1. Arjuna award given in which field? - Sports

  2. The term 'Advantage' used in sports- Billiards /table tennis?

  3. Aurangzeb slaughtered which Sikh guru?- Tej Bahadur

  4. Satyameva Jeyathe taken from? - Mundak Upanishads

  5. Quantum theory propounded by? - Plank

  6. Lifetime achievement award 2014 in sports? -Kapil Dev

  7. Largest state of India in terms of area?- Rajasthan

  8. Bhikaji Cama - Freedom fighter

  9. Pandit Ravi Shankar - Sitar

  10. Hiuen tsang studied in? – Nalanda

The questions/topics given above are purely memory based so there can be slight difference from exact question. Questions of physics were more compared to mathematics in technical section.

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