Interview questions for AAI ATC

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Interview questions for AAI ATC

Postby Sanjay » Thu Jan 21, 2016 7:17 pm

What are the questions asked in Airport Authority of India ATC interview?
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Re: Interview questions for AAI ATC

Postby Tarang » Thu Jan 21, 2016 7:36 pm

Here are some topics from which questions can be asked in AAI ATC Interview.

  1. Your brief introduction (very crucial for setting a good initial impression).

  2. Your Project work during B.Tech./B.Sc. (if any).

  3. Job Experience, if any and why do you want to join AAI (Airport Authority of India)?

  4. About AAI (Airport Authority of India): Number of airports it manages, Chairman of AAI, when AAI was constituted etc.

  5. History of Indian Civil Aviation: first flight, Pilot, in which year India celebrated 100 years of civil aviation etc.

  6. What is Air Traffic Control? How is it done? How was controlling done before the satellite-era?

  7. Various terms related to ATC functioning like GBAS, SBAS, ADS-B, NDB, ILS, VOR etc. Just have an idea about these technologies/systems; they don’t expect you to be master of it.

  8. What is GAGAN System (Geo Augmented Guidance And Navigation System)? Gain as much as knowledge about this joint venture of AAI and ISRO. How does GAGAN works? How is it different than GPS?GAGAN & RADAR are “must know” topics for ATC interview.

  9. What is GPS and how does it work? Minimum number of satellites required for operation of GPS?

  10. Different satellite-based augmentation systems in the world e.g. GPS, GLONASS, Galileo.

  11. Basics of aerodynamics: Use of Rudder, Flaps, Elevator etc., How does aircraft fly? Bernoulli’s Principle, different forces on the aircraft.

  12. Type of fuels used in aircraft.

  13. What is Knot (speed)? 1 Nautical Mile= ?(distance in metres)

  14. Types of Airports: Green-field, Brown-field airport etc.

  15. Latest news related to Civil Aviation or aircraft incidents/accidents. e.g. Flight MH17 and the Russian origin flight sabotaged and crashed in Egypt (on 31st October, 2015).

  16. Where is the tallest ATC tower in the world, and where is India's tallest ATC tower?

  17. Name of the operators of private airports like Delhi, Mumbai.

  18. Who is the current Civil Aviation minister of India and Secretary of Civil Aviation Ministry?

  19. Difference between Track, Heading and Bearing with respect to aviation.

  20. Speed of sound? What is Ultrasonic aircraft?

  21. Radar: How Radar is used in ATC, different bands of Radar frequencies, Equation of Radar Range, difference between Primary and secondary Radar, Blind speed, CW Radar, FM Radar and other types of Radar, staggering PRI, False alarm etc.

  22. Electromagnetic waves and their propagation; Line-of-sight communication, Layers of atmosphere, Ground-wave propagation, Space-wave propagation, Skip distance, Critical frequency, Virtual Height, fading, Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) etc.

  23. Basic Physics phenomenon and Principles like Laws of Motion.

  24. Special theory of relativity

  25. Simple antenna questions/formulae like Impedance, VSWR etc.

  26. Diodes: Forward and Reverse biasing of diode, Avalanche and Zener Breakdown etc.

  27. Read a little bit about satellite communication e.g. what are uplink and downlink frequencies?

  28. Conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.

  29. Simple geography questions like what is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), why International Date Line is not straight? If it is winter in Australia then which season is in India? Time-zones and concept of daylight saving, how does weather change etc.

  30. About United Nations organizations and their HQs.

Apart from that question from your current job can also be asked (I you are doing any job).

Happy Reading :)

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