An adverb is a word which adds meaning to the verb. Adverbs can modify adjectives, nouns and other adverbs also. Adverbs tell us how, when, where etc something was done.

According to their meaning, there are following types of adverbs.


Adverbs of Manner

Adverb of manner tell us how an action takes place.
Carefully, badly, quickly, bravely, friendly way, etc are adverbs of manner.

  • You must drive carefully.
    (How? = carefully)
  • The teacher teaches us in a friendly way.
    (How? = in a friendly way)


Adverbs of Place

Adverb of place tell us where an action takes place.
Abroad, down there, everywhere, here, there, downstairs etc are adverbs of place.

  • It is raining everywhere.
    (Where? =  everywhere)
  • He is going abroad.
    (Where? = abroad)


Adverbs of Time

Adverb of time tell us when an action takes place.
Now, then, Monday, yesterday, daily, tonight etc are adverbs of time.

  • Simran went to Delhi yesterday.
    (When? = yesterday)
  • We are going to watch a movie tonight.
    (When? = tonight)


Adverbs of Frequency

Adverb of frequency tell us how often an action takes place.
Always, often, sometimes, twice a month, monthly etc are adverbs of frequency.

  • I always do yoga.
    (How often? = always)
  • I eat chocolate sometimes.
    (How often? = sometimes)


Adverbs of Quantity or Degree

Adverb of Quantity or Degree tell us how much or in what degree something has happned.
Very much, only, almost, quite, hardly etc are adverbs of quantity or degree.

  • He hardly comes to the ground.
    (How much? = hardly)
  • I like mangos very much.
    (How much? = very much)


Adverbs of Duration

Adverb of duration tell us how long an action takes place.
For three days, for a moment, over an hour, for ages, all night etc are adverbs of duration.

  • He has been the king of this area for ages.
    (How long? = for ages)
  • The rain lasted for two days.
    (How long? = for two days)


Adverb of Reason

Adverb of Reason tell us why an action takes place.
Hence, therefore, so etc are adverb of reason.

  • Therefore he went to clinic.
    (Why? = therefore)
  • He was hence going to that way.
    (Why? = hence)


Rules for using adverbs.