Sentence Improvement questions are asked to test the candidate’s ability to identify error in a part of sentence. One part of sentence is bold/underlined. Options are given below the question. Candidate has to select the answer which gives most effective and grammatically correct sentence.

How to attempt Sentence Improvement questions?

Candidate should remember and take care of following points while solving Sentence improvement questions.

  • Candidate should read the entire sentence carefully and at the same time candidate should give extra attention to the bold/underlined part of the sentence because that part of the sentence is to be evaluated.
  • Part of the sentence which is not bold/underlined is correct and remains same.
  • From the options given below the question, select the option which fits best for the given sentence.
  • In case of trouble selecting any option, candidate should try and replace the bold/underlined part with all the options one by one and select the option which fits best for the given sentence.
  • Try to select the option which gives meaningful and grammatically correct sentence.


Practise exercise for Sentence Improvement questions is given here. You can practise Sentence Improvement questions by clicking on the links given below.


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