Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternative.

Click on the options to check whether it is right or wrong.


     Democratic societies from the earliest times have expected their governments to protect the weak against the strong. No ‘era of good feeling’ can justify discharging the police force or giving up the idea of public control over concentrated private wealth. On the other hand, it is obvious that a spirit of self-denial and moderation on the part of those who hold economic power will greatly soften the demand for absolute equality. Men are more interested in freedom and security than in an equal distribution of wealth. The extent to which Government must interfere with power is concentrated into a few hands. The required degree of government interference depends mainly on whether economic powers are oppressively used, and on the necessity of keeping economic factors in a tolerable state of balance.

     But with the necessity of meeting all these dangers and threats to liberty, the powers of government are unavoidably increased, whichever political party may be in office. The growth of government is a necessary result of the growth of technology and of the problems that go with the use of machines and science. Since the government in our nation, must take on more powers to meet its problems, there is no way to preserve freedom except by making democracy more powerful.


1. The advent of science and technology has increased the

  1. Freedom of people
  2. Tyranny of political parties
  3. Powers of the government
  4. Chances of economical inequality


2. A spirit of moderation on the economically sound people would make the less privileged –

  1. Unhappy with the rich people
  2. More interested in freedom and security
  3. Unhappy with their lot
  4. Clamour less for absolute equality


3. The growth of government is necessary to –

  1. Make rich and poor happy
  2. Curb the accumulation of wealth in a few hands
  3. Monitor science and technology
  4. Deploy the police force wisely


4. ‘Era of good feeling’ in sentence 2 refers to –

  1. Time of prosperity
  2. Time of adversity
  3. Time with government
  4. Time of police atrocities


5. ‘Tolerable state of balance’ in the last sentence may mean –

  1. An adequate level of police force
  2. A reasonable level of economic equality
  3. A reasonable amount of government interference
  4. A reasonable check on economic power


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