Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternative.

Click on the options to check whether it is right or wrong.


     A morning commute seems like a good time to embark on an ambitious train of thought. At least, that was the idea from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which put a professor on a train on Wednesday to lecture commuters. Passengers on the 9am train from the suburban community of Modiin to Tel Aviv put away their morning tabloids and iPods to listens to a talk from Professor Hanoch Gutfreund on ‘Einstein’s love letter’. The lecture was   the first of the university’s ‘Scientist on the Rails’ programme – an attempt to broaden the appeal of higher education and bring academia to the people.

     Unsure how the move would be received, the train talks have been rescheduled for just after morning rush hour and only in one carriage on the train to avoid antagonizing people. As the train chugged through tunnels and past the airport, one woman interrupted the professor with a question.

     “Will you finish your talk before we reach the station?” she wanted to know.

     “Madam, by the time you reach your station, you’ll have your BA”, came the reply from the professor.


1. Why did the Hebrew University embark on the programme of giving lectures on the train?

  1. People have motive to go to College
  2. The University was testing out an innovative idea
  3. The Railways wanted to reduce the stress of commuters
  4. The professors had nowhere else to teach


2. How did the commuters react to the professor addressing them?

  1. They decided to pay attention
  2. They put on their iPods to listen to the lecture
  3. They had no choice in the matter
  4. They were antagonized by the lecture


3. What was the purpose of giving lectures to the commuters?

  1. The university wanted to utilize the travel time of commuters
  2. The university wanted to give BA degrees to the commuters
  3. The university had extra scientists who needed work
  4. The university wanted to attract people to higher education


4. ‘The train talks have been rescheduled for just after morning rush-hour and only in one carriage on the train to avoid antagonizing people.’
The term means

  1. annoying
  2. crowding
  3. confusing
  4. delaying


5. Why did the woman ask the question to the professor?

  1. She wanted him to leave the compartment
  2. She wanted to be impolite to him
  3. She wanted him to speak faster
  4. She wanted to listen to the entire lecture


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