Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternative.

Click on the options to check whether it is right or wrong.


     The strongest haunts of life are in the deep sea, by which is meant the floor of the deepest part of the ocean and the layers of dark water near the floor. Life is found six miles below the surface, where the water pressure is enormous more than 6000 pounds to the square inch. It is very cold there always about zero. It is also absolutely dark except for the fitful gleams of some fishes which, like fireflies, give out light of their own. It is too deep and dark for any plans to grow, because plants need light, but no depth it seems, is too great for animal life.

     As there are no plants at this depth the animals must feed upon one another. The struggle to live is keen. The stomachs of some of the fishes stretch amazingly, so they may swallow objects larger than themselves. When a whale or a tortoise meets death in the ocean and sinks to the bottom there is a great feasting by millions of living things till the monster is devoured.

     The sea swarms with strange and curious animals prowling about in the dark, some with long feelers and some with long limbs like stills. Then there are the cattle fishes and true fishes stealing along. Certain kinds here are blind. They depend upon great feelers to get about and capture food.

     In the blackness of the deep sea many animals produce their own lights. This light may attract other fishes wanted for food. But some deep sea fishes have very large eyes so as to see in the clear light that they themselves make. Some of these animals have been brought up by dredgers at night, and it is said that on these occasions “they gave off flashes of light, beside which the twenty torches used for working light were pale.” Some of these animals were carried into the laboratory where the lights were turned out. These creatures threw out brilliant jets of fire which changed from red to orange. Other shed green lights.


1.  “It is too deep and dark for any plants to grow” (Para 1)

  1. The sea is very deep and dark and so any plant can grow.
  2. The sea is very deep and dark and so no plant can grow
  3. Plants can grow at too deep and dark sea
  4. Plants cannot grow deep and dark sea


2.  “...but no depth, it seems, is too great for animal life.”

  1. Animals cannot live at great depths.
  2. No animal lives at great depths.
  3. Animals can easily live at any great depth.
  4. Great animals are not seen at depths.


3.  Which of the following statements best summarises Para II?

  1. There is a keen struggle for life at deep sea.
  2. Fishes have amazingly larger stomach.
  3. Whale and tortoise died in the ocean.
  4. Animals eat each other for want of plants.


4.  Cattle fishes depend upon their feelers mainly to

  1. prowl about
  2. steal along
  3. capture food
  4. move about


5.  The last paragraph is about

  1. light-producing animals
  2. laboratory light experiment
  3. catching fish by torches
  4. fish attracting fish


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