Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternative.

Click on the options to check whether it is right or wrong.


     Inside a local eatery on a recent night, I noticed a fat brown dot walking along the counter top. As it ducked in and around the napkin holder, hid in a crack near the menu rack then made a dash for glass of ice water, it became clear that this was no ordinary creature. This was a cockroach, the most enduring of all mankind’s associates.

     Although my appetite was gone, the waitress wasn’t even embarrassed. But she did become frustrated when she tried to kill it. With a roll of newspaper in hand, she took a mighty swat, and then tossed the paper into a trash can. A few seconds later, here comes the cockroach, walking out of the newspaper roll, little stunned but apparently as thirsty as ever as it made its way back to the bar.


1. The “fat brown dot” in paragraph one refers to

  1. a bug
  2. a waiter
  3. a cockroach
  4. a fly


2. The writer’s response to the waitress reaction was one of

  1. anger
  2. surprise
  3. frustration
  4. agitation


3. At the end of the incident the cockroach was

  1. dead
  2. unconscious
  3. eliminated
  4. alive


4. A local “eatery” in paragraph one refers to

  1. a restaurant
  2. a hotel
  3. a canteen
  4. a kitchen


5. The word “creature” in the phrase “no ordinary creature” in the first paragraph refers to

  1. a reptile
  2. an insect
  3. an alien
  4. an organism


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