Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternative.

Click on the options to check whether it is right or wrong.


     Lord: I keep a journal and write in it fairly regularly. I get a lot of my poems out of it. It’s like the raw material for my poems. Sometime I’m blessed with a poem that comes in the form of a poem. But other times I’ve worked for two years on a poem.

     For me, there are two very basic and different processes for revising my poetry. One is recognizing that a poem has not yet become itself. In other words, I mean that the feeling, the truth that the poem is anchored in is somehow not clearly clarified inside of me, and as a result it lacks something. Then it has to be re-felt. Then there’s the other process which is easier. The poem is itself, but it had rough edges that need to be refined. That kind of revision involves picking the image that is more potent or tailoring it so that it carries the feeling. That’s an easier kind of re-writing and re-feeling.


1. From where could this account have been taken?

  1. A journal
  2. A newspaper
  3. An interview
  4. An essay


2. Lord is probably a.

  1. poet
  2. novelist
  3. dramatist
  4. painter


3. Another word in the second paragraph that means ‘rewriting’ is...

  1. re-feeling
  2. recognizing
  3. picking
  4. revising


4. According to the writer the two processes involved in revising her work are....

  1. complex and confusing
  2. clear yet different
  3. difficult and complex
  4. easy and anchored


5. The person named Lord in the passage writes in a journal....

  1. very regularly
  2. rarely
  3. all the time
  4. fairly regularly


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