In the following questions, the 1st and the last sentences are numbered 1 and 6. The rest of the sentence/ passage is split into four parts and named P, Q, R, and S. These four sentences / parts are not given in their proper order. Read the sentence / passage and find out which of the four combinations is correct. Then find the correct answer.

Click on the options to check whether it is right or wrong.


66. 1.   An overall picture
      P.   literary situation
      Q.   of the present
      R.   major languages
      S.   in some of the
      6.   is discussed here.

  1. QPSR
  2. SRQP
  3. PQSR
  4. QSRP


67. 1.   When a boy grows into a young man, he finds himself in a new and strange world.
      P.   The relationship remains, but its nature changes.
      Q.   The emotional ties that he had with them are now loosened.
      R.   The old pattern of his life in which his parents were the nucleus around which his life revolved now undergoes a change.
      S.   He finds in himself an emotional void which he must somehow fill.
      6.   At this stage of life he is like a body without a soul or a flower without fragrance.

  1. PRQS
  2. RSQP
  3. SRPQ
  4. RQPS


68. 1.   It is useful to distinguish
      P.   basic research
      Q.   pure science, which involves
      R.   and applied science
      S.   between two forms of science
      6.   which involves technology.

  1. SRQP
  2. SQPR
  3. RQPS
  4. PRQS


69. 1.   In London there is a popular public park called Hyde Park.
      P.   He may succeed in attracting an audience.
      Q.   Anyone who wants to make a speech can do so in Speaker’s Corner.
      R.   In this park, there is a place known as ‘Speaker’s Corner’.
      S.   On Sunday afternoons, we can find many such people there.
      6.   They will be standing on soapboxes and speaking away on various subjects.

  1. RPQS
  2. QPRS
  3. RQPS
  4. QPSR


70. 1.   It is shocking to read that many more cigarette brands are going to be marketed in India.
      P.   Aren’t these two at cross-purr-poses?
      Q.   On the one hand, the Government declares ‘no-smoking’ zones.
      R.   The proposal appears to be awaiting the Government’s approval.
      S.   On the other, it entertains unhealthy proposals like this.
      6.   There is a need for review of Government policy.

  1. RQSP
  2. RPQS
  3. QSPR
  4. PQSR


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