Idioms and phrases starting from L with their meanings.

Idioms and Phrases


A leopard doesn't change its spots

You can’t change basics, or basic characteristic

Let the cat out of the bag

Reveal secret

Level playing field

Everybody is treated equally

Length and breadth

All over

Like clockwork

Happening regularly

Like peas in a pod

Very similar, identical

Latin and Greek

Unable to understand

Like a bat out of hell

Extremely quickly

Lighten up

To tell someone not to get depressed

Last hurrah

Doing something special before dying

Leave no stone unturned

Make all possible efforts

Learn the ropes

Learn to do something

Lion’s share

Major share

Like a fish out of water

Very difficult and unsuitable condition

Lame duck

In trouble

Let’s go fifty - fifty

Planning to hay half - half

Land of nod

Falling asleep

Like a shag on a rock

Completely alone

Lend an ear

Listen to what someone is saying

Like a hawk

Observing very closely or carefully


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