Idioms and phrases starting from S with their meanings.

Idioms and Phrases


Sum and substance

The actual theme

Sands of time

Small amount of time

Sick and Tired

You no longer enjoy doing something because you have done it many times

Snake in the grass

A hidden army

Sleep tight

Get a good night’s sleep

Spill the beans

To expose a secret

Sooner or later

at some future time, eventually

Salad days

Happy days

Sort of

Kind of

Shake a leg

Hurry, or go fast

Safe pair of hands

Trustful person

Stay in touch

Stay connected

Screw loose


Save your skin

Avoiding trouble

Sleep on it

Delay the decision in order to get some more time

See eye to eye

Agree on everything

Speak of the devil

someone appears just as you are talking about that person

See the light

Realizing the truth

Safe and sound

Quite well

Seed money

Money which is used to start small business, capital money


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